How Youth 20/20 Can Works

Youth have great ideas and a vision for what communities could be like if more youth had a voice. Youth 20/20 Can brings youth together to create events, projects, or activities in community that matter to youth – with a little help from their local volunteer centres and the Wachiay Friendship Centre.

Youth meet to review their options and to create an action plan. Some youth may want to do environmental projects, while others want to host events etc. It does not really matter what the activity is – at this stage, the goal is to generate ideas that youth are passionate about.

Once youth have identified areas of interest the larger group breaks up into planning teams, and with the support of Youth Engagement Workers and community partners youth begin to plan events, activities, or projects.

Youth do not have to participate in every event, activity, or project; youth determine when and how they volunteer. But over the year to March 31, 2023 it is hoped that each youth with contribute 120 hours or more of volunteering time and share their skills and passions with community.

Through the Youth 20/20 Can Project youth participants will:

  • Participate in free training and learning events
  • Build connections and networks
  • Gain employment skills and references
  • Have fun and try new things
  • Meet new friends and mentors
  • Lead and inspire change in their community

To be eligible to participate in Youth 20/20 Can youth must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person who has been granted refugee status in Canada. Youth refers to individuals who are aged 15-30 years old during the year of their participation in the program.