Partner with Youth 20/20 Can

Are you some one who looks around your neighbourhood and thinks “that’s a great project, if only we had some volunteers!”

If you are a business, community group, non profit organization, or local government we would love to hear your ideas of ways that Youth 20/20 Can participants can partner with you to make an impact.

In this project, youth partner with community members/organizations/businesses to create events, activities, or projects that have an impact. We ask that partner groups consider how you will support and mentor a group of youth, and if your project is on-going, how long will it take and how many resources are needed.

Possible projects include:

  • Building a community garden
  • Planning and hosting a special event, conference, or learning opportunity
  • Celebrating a milestone event in your community
  • Building a program to connect youth with seniors, newcomers, or children
  • Working on projects to support food security, invasive species removal, arts projects, festivals, business ideas….

Of course, you should know that youth decide on the projects that they want to lead and manage, and they will want to meet with you to plan and implement the big ideas.

The Inclusion Project: